BEWARE! Microsoft Support Phone Scam

TAKE NOTE! - Many customers have recently reported to us that they have received phone calls from people claiming to be from "Microsoft Support Center", informing them that they have a computer infection. The caller will sometimes ask you to check a serial number of your machine and will tell you the last four digits in advance to try and gain your trust.  The figures will match but that's because the same numbers exist on all windows series for a particular operating system. They may use another sneaky method to gain your trust. From latest reports, they currently use the story that your machine is infecting other peoples computers and you must visit a web page link so that they can remove the virus for you.

Microsoft support Scam

The web page they provide will look like an official Microsoft page - but it is not.  This page will contain malicious remote control software.  They will usually tell you that they need you to download the software to clean the virus infection. With the software installed they take control of your machine and download key loggers and many other malicious pieces of software.  They may use extortion at this stage and turn your screen off and on or even encrypt your data. But usually they will just ask a small amount of money: say $5.00 and ask for your credit card - papal is not acceptable.  Once you provide your credit card details they immediately extract the maximum amount they can without raising suspicion from the banks - usually around 500 to 600 dollars. If you do not realize the scam they will withdraw the same amount every day until they are discovered.

If you have been a victim of this scam and your PC is infected, disconnect it from the Internet immediately! Ring your bank and inform them of the credit card transaction.  While you were talking on the phone, the criminals would be busy uploading any email stores and other private information they can find. You also should inform the authorities immediately.  You can also try to report it to the IC3 (internet crime) .  Do not use your computer until you have had a computer expert clean up any exploits. You can be sure there will be more exploits installed.

We have to stop these criminals from destroying peoples lives.  Be informed and stay aware - Scams are on the increase. 

Remember this:  Microsoft will never , NEVER, NEVER  cold call people who use Windows.!

Do not fall for this scam.

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