It is imperative that your website reflect your business’ products, services, branding and vision as it is usually the first point of contact to many of your potential clients. Your corporate identity or branding should be recognized throughout all of your products and this includes your website.

At Australian IT and Computer Services we use a Content Management System (CMS) to provide your company with a dynamic, easy to update website, where you are in control of your content. We understand that what we create to day may not be relevant tomorrow and we can provide you and your staff the facility to update and run your own website how you see fit.  However if you are not comfortable to do these things we can make the chang6es for you. We believe that a CMS gives our clients the best value.


An increasing amount of internet traffic today is from mobile devices.  In fact some reports over 40% of internet traffic nowdays comes from mobile devices and this number is increasing.  We build websites that scale to suit any mobile device, not just a few.  So when a new phone or tablet is released onto the market you can be sure that your new website will display as intended.  How does your current webiste stack up?  Go to and enter your wesite address.  See how your site performs.


We build the sites to suit your business.  The colors, the images, the overall presentation will be design with your business in mind.


Our websites are made here in Australia so you can be sure of a quality design. 


Reports on your site can be emailed to you at a frequency ranging from daily to whatever period you prefer.


We will submit your site to popular search engines so that you rank quickly and effectively. 


Pages are base optimised, but we can provide SEO tailored to beat your opposition.


Our pages are developed to run on all current browsers and popular smart phones.


We can integrate certain social media elements making it possible for you to update information on your social media site and have it reflected on you company webpage


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