Website Maintenance

There are many things to consider when hosting your website.  While we provide daily backups by default, if you want to insulate your site from defacement or malicious behavior both from inside your company or from external sources then we have maintenance plans available for you.


We can provide grandfather style backups where your site is protected daily, weekly and monthly.  This is advisable for companies who want to make sure their data and site can be recovered due to un-forseen circumstances.



We wont lie and tell you that any person can easily update your site.  Some people cant operate a computer but that does not matter at all.  We appreciate that you may want to focus your talents on the business rather than learning IT.  We can do it all for you at a very valued cost.  Guaranteed if you let us manage your site you wont have issues normally encountered by many businesses.  And while the websites we build are quoted as being one of the easiest to update, we wont lie to you and say that everyone can do it.  That's one of the biggest lies in web development and the internet is littered with wrongly formatted pages or broken sites as a result.


We can create custom logos, photo editing, vector images and animations.  We make your website come alive with clear marketing messages tailored specifically towards your target audience.  All of our skills are maintained within the company, we rarely have to outsource.  That means you get to deal with the designers directly.



Anyone who states that their severs cannot be hacked are ignorant.  Any server can be hacked if targeted by the right individuals and i personally know some talented people who work in security who can hack pretty much anything they set their mind to.  This means that having a backup schedule is critical.  Some companies who use server frameworks to develop websites claim immunity from hacking.  This is wrong - these servers are just as vulnerable as other servers. Dont be fooled by false claims and potentially loose all your intellectual data.


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