Building Your FIRST Website - Traps And Pitfalls


6) Select a framework.  Do you go the route of server based framework, like silverline or independent open source framework like dupral/joomla.  I always prefer open source providing I am running on a quality host.  Other server based platforms are just too limiting and the sites tend to all look the same.  Open source can be run on most hosts, server based frameworks can only be run on servers supporting a particular framework.  In other words when you select server based frameworks you become limited.  Open source is more susceptible to script virus attacks (because of their popularity) but on a descent webhost who uses backups that should not be an issue.  There are ways to harden your  framework using common security measures.

7) Start building your site. Phew, we are up to step seven and have not even started the build!  Quite often people start at this point and work backwards .  This is a big mistake, you must consider all points from 1 to 6 first.  To make the site look and respond how you want you will probably need some programming skills. And if you have never used a cms before then i suggest you either do a bit of research.  Selection of the right framework is important because if you choose a site that is limiting, it most likely will not be able to perform the functions you need.  Server based frameworks are limiting - but simple (because they are limiting!).  A decent open source CMS supplemented by a paid framework is one way to go.

8) SEO During steps 1 to 5 keyword research should have been performed and the headings, metadata and text matched to emphasize various words used by customers trying to find you on the internet.

9) Publish your site to Google and other search engines.  If you don't perform this step it will take a significant amount of time before you are ever found on search engines.  Even after the initial registration you will be fighting for top position based upon how you intent to market your site.

10) Market your site!  Make sure your business cards, your email signatures, your company TShirts all have logos and a reference to your website address.  Google Adwords will give you presence and demographics, social media may be appropriate and other forums and blogs may also be of use. 

11) Work your site!.  If you want things out of your site you must put effort into it! Keep updating the site with fresh content, keep analyzing your positing on Google and fine tuning your keywords.  LISTEN to your customers, utilize social media in a professional manner.


Of course you could always pay us to do points 1 to 9 and focus on your business.  We can set you up For $395 dollars for a starter custom built site that you can then expand on - and the site will be built considering all the points above and considering the amount of work involved that's an amazing deal.   The internet is full of opportunity - if you have the drive to succeed then with persistence and working hard and smart, you can be successful too.  We can help you achieve your goals - its in our interest to make our customers succeed!